My Story Box is a French brand that creates and produces decorative objects that bring together the worlds of art and design. We carefully arrange coloured wooden sticks of different sizes in wooden cases create tableaux… works of art!

By using 3 dimensions, associating colours, and playing with shadows, each piece is unique. My Story Box produces permanent and limited edition collections. We can also help you make your own bespoke creation to commemorate a special moment, favourite story, or important event.

Using 3 dimensions, associating colours and playing with shadows are the keys to our compositions



My Story Box is committed to offering French-made products.

Our boxes are made in southwestern France, the wooden sticks come from French pine forests, and they are hand -cut and -painted in France. Then Charlotte does her magic in her Parisian workshop.

95% of our materials are made in France

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Charlotte, 35, is the mother of a little boy and a serial entrepreneur. After training in the world of graphic design, she adapted her know-how to new creations. Charlotte approaches her work with pragmatism and in search of perfection, just as she does in her visual communications agency.

From conception to finished product, she applies her artistic know-how. Each object is the result of many hours of labour, research, inspiration, and thought with the aim of creating inspired work. Inspired by her creative and entrepreneurial mother, her father who works in marketing, and her curious child who comes up with new stories every night, Charlotte decided to write a new page in the story of her life.

But how could you live and have no story to tell? - Dostoyevsky

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A good deed

Our founders have always been interested in giving back to the community. From the beginning, collaborating with associations has been part of My Story Box’s DNA. We looked to partner with an association that fit in with My Story Box’s artistic world and support an educational project.

We quickly turned to “La Pédiatrie enchantée”; an association that brings art and culture to hospitalised children in eastern France. My Story Box has chosen to donate a percentage of the proceeds of our sales to this wonderful association that makes a difference in the daily lives of sick children. For each box you purchase, you help La Pédiatrie enchantée acquire materials and call upon professionals to organise artistic events in hospitals.

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